Fujio Kawagishi

Exhibition of Fujio Kawagishi - Pictures of Summertime –

June 30, 2016 - July 09, 2016

Pictures of flowering plants like those of miniatures from the Edo period; Kawagishi’s works not only encompass Japanese style painting such as scrolls and yamato-toji (a traditional bookbinding style), but also more light-hearted pieces such as stamps and illustrated playing cards.
He contributed illustrations of 41 camellia leaves for the book, “Tsubaki Shirabe”, written by Touko Adachi, the head of a school of kado (flower arrangement) who loves Kawagishi’s works.
His miniatures, which beautifully color the four seasons in Japan, hold a graceful stre ngth and presence in their dominating yet finely drafted lines.
He captures the essence of the plants through his unique sense of design and produces beautiful pictures that are grand reminders of old illustrated books of flora.
At this exhibition, Ippodo Gallery introduces pictures of summer flowers including morning glory, lotus, tiger lily and trumpet vine, in both framed and scroll style.


1952 Born in Gunma Prefecture
1974 Graduated from the Department of Graphic Design, Tama Art University
Started working at a printing company
1977 Began producing a hand-drawn book entitled, Suika
1991 A total of 10 volumes of Suika were introduced in quarterly magazine, Ginka
(published by Bunka Publishing Bureau)
Held his first solo exhibition
1992 Resigned from printing company and devoted himself to his book of paintings
1996-Present Solo exhibition at Ginza Ippodo Gallery
2003 Displayed his work at "The World's Celebrated Flowers of Touko Adachi/ The Tales of Camellia Exhibition" at Nihonbashi Mitsukoshi Department Store
2009-2014 Published opening pictures serially on a quarterly magazine SORA
2015 Special exhibition "The World of Fujio Kawagishi" at Sakata City Museum of Art in Yamagata Prefecture, Japan