Shota Suzuki

Shota Suzuki・Metal Work Exhibition

March 02, 2017 - March 11, 2017
Shota Suzuki

Ippodo Gallery presents Shota Suzuki’s world, which expresses momentary beauty of natural plants by using metal material.

1987 Born in Miyagi Prefecture
2010 Graduated from Metalcraft course, Faculty of Arts, Tohoku University of Art and Design
2011 Graduated from Metal research student of Metalcrafts course, Tohoku University of Art and Design

2011 Received an excellent prize at Itami International Contemporary Craft Exhibition -Jewellery-

"I get inspiration from "nature's display". For example, when you walking on the road, you see a single flower blooming on road. The way wind blows petals or leaves, a water drop falling from a tree into a paddle on the ground causing ripple. I would like you to feel the strong vitality of nature from my works.
What I always keep in my mind when I create these pieces is to pursue the real expression of metal material, which is real and not real. I would like to combine the energy and softness that both metal and plants have and put them into my works." – Shota Suzuki

Shota Suzuki
Cherry blossoms
Shota Suzuki
Tiny Piece of Autumn
Shota Suzuki