Katsuya Ohgita

HOUSE exhibition

September 08, 2017 - September 16, 2017

Katsuya Ohgita creates glass houses that appear to be made of ice, capturing incident light.
With a rough surface, the crystalline objects seem both transparent and opaque. Ohgita’s houses channel beauty, joy, and warmth; perhaps this is Ohgita’s ideal image of a household. Glacier and igloo-like, Katsuya Ohgita’s HOUSE comes in many forms of expression.
Ohgita’s glassworks are consistently popular in overseas art fairs, and continue to fascinate enthusiasts worldwide.

1957 Born in Kawachi Nagano City, Osaka
1980 After graduating Kanazawa College of Art, began to study glass technique at the Tokyo Glass Art Institute
1990 Glass Art '90, (Hakone Open-air Museum)
1991 4th World Glass Now, (Hokkaido Museum of Modern Art, Sapporo)
1994 Won the 5th Goto Memorial Prize for Best Young Artist
1996 The Suntory Museum Grand Prize Exhibition '96 (Suntory Museum of Art, Tokyo)
1997 NHK Television Program 'Saturday Art Morning': "To the Depths of the Sunken Light: Glass Artist Katsuya Ohgita"
1998 Ima o hyogen suru garasu zokeiten [Expressing 'Now' Through Glass Art] (Niigata City Art Museum)
1999 2000 years of Japanese Glass: From the Yayoi Period to the Present day (Suntory Museum of Art)
2001 Garasu no miryokuten [The Attraction of Glass Exhibition] (Himeji City Museum of Art)
2002 Garasu ni egaku, hikari to irodori no 2000 nen ten [Drawing on Glass, Light and Color 2000 Exhibition] (Suntory Museum of Art)
2003 Outspoken Glass (Hokkaido Museum of Modern Art, Okayama Prefectural Museum of Art)
2004 Glass Labyrinth (Notojima Glass Art Museum, Ishikawa Pref.)
2005 Gendai garasu no chosen-hikari no chokoku ten [The Challenge of Contemporary Glass-Sculptures of Light Exhibition] (Musee Tomo)
Kirameki no katachi-20 seiki garasu no seika (Glittering Shapes-Quintessential Glass of the 20th Century] (Kushiro City Museum of Art)
2006 Manazashi no yukue [The Direction of the Gaze] (Toyama Shimin Plaza - Art Gallery)
2007 Hikari no katachi - Ogita Katsuya ten [The Shape of Light - Katsuya Ohgita Exhibition] (Takashimaya Department Store, Tokyo, Nagoya, Osaka)
2009 First, There Was Light: Images of Light in Art (Hokkaido Museum of Modern Art)
From Home to the Museum: Tanaka Stunk Collection Exhibition (The Museum of Modern Art, Wakayama Pref.)
2012 Solo exhibition (Ginza Ippodo Gallery, Tokyo)

Public Collections:
Hokkaido Museum of Modern Art; Yokohama Museum of Art; Suntory Museum of Art; Museum Kunst Palast, Dusseldorf; Veste Coburg Art Collections Museum656; Notojima Glass Art Museum; Koganezaki Crystal Park; 21st Century Museum of Contemporary Art, Kanazawa; Museum of Modern Art, Wakayama; River Retreat Garaku; Junko Museum of Art; Itami City; Toyama City