Ken Matsuzaki

― Mingei Star, from Mashiko to Yohen ー
Ken Matsuzaki Exhibition

June 14, 2019 - June 22, 2019

Mashiko, an area of Japan with distinctive red-brown clay, has been a prominent influence for Mingei ceramists, ever since the renowned artist Shoji Hamada established it as a major pottery center.
In the wake followed Tatsuzo Shimaoka, who became a pioneer in Mashiko with his Jomon-inlay* technique. His apprentice Ken Matsuzaki, then subsequently began his ceramic career using Mashiko clay.

With these influences, Ken then focused on the 400-year-old style of Oribe and Anagama kilns to create his own signature Yohen** glaze.

For this exhibition, Ippodo Gallery, Ginza has collected his outstanding work of Yohen Shino and Natural ash glazed tea bowls.

*Jomon-inlay:Adopting Jomon ancient pottery with cord-marked pattern -inlaying the dent with different colored clay.
** Yohen:”kiln transformation”- color change on ceramic surface caused by difference of fire, temperature, ash and glaze while firing.

1950 Born in Tokyo -third son of a Japanese painter: Matsuzaki Shuki
1972  Graduated from Tamagawa University, School of Fine Arts, Tokyo, Ceramic Art major
       Began a pottery apprenticeship with Tatsuzo Shimaoka, Mashiko (Tochigi Prefecture)
1977  Built a kiln and established a workshop in Mashiko, where he presently lives and works.
1993  Modern Japanese Ceramics Exhibition, Elysium Art, New York 
1995  Six Master Potters of the Modern Age Exhibition, Babcock Gallery, New York,
1997  Group Exhibition (along with Shimaoka Tatsuzo, Warren MacKenzie, Randy Johnston)at Seibu Department Store, Ikebukuro, Tokyo
2000  Door of the Thousands years Exhibition, Tochigi Prefectural Muesum of Fine Arts, Tochigi
2001  Japan Exhibition at Rufford 2001, Rufford Gallery, Nottinghamshire, England
2003  “Turning Point: Oribe and the Arts of Sixteenth-Century Japan” Exhibition, the MET, NYC, NY
       Solo Exhibition, Ippodo Gallery Ginza, Tokyo
2006  Workshop at Harvard University, MA
2011  Solo exhibition at Goldmark Gallery, Uppingham.Rutland, UK
2015  Solo Exhibition, Nihon-bashi
2018  Solo Exhibition at, Nihon-bashi Mitsukoshi Main Store, Tokyo

[Museum Collection] 
Boston Museum, MA
Cleveland Museum of Art, OH
Smithsonian Museum, DC
Wiseman Museum, MN
Tochigi Prefectural Museum
Mashiko Ceramic Museum
Aizawa Museum