Hemp and Lotus

June 28, 2019 - July 06, 2019

News Release

Hemp and Lotus
Ginza Ippodo
2019.6.28/(Fri)~7/6(Sat) 11:00~19:00 *Closed Mondays

Since ancient times, hemp fabric has been used throughout Japan. In several historic sites like Toro, fragments of hemp have been excavated and it is known that people were wearing hemp fabric during the Asuka and Nara eras.

Blooming a beautiful flower out of mud, the lotus motif has long been favored in Asia as a pedestal for Buddha statues or used as offerings. Due to this frequent use of lotus imagery in Asia, it even made its way to the West where it has also continued to grow in popularity.

For this exhibition, Ippodo Gallery Ginza will bring together hemp textiles and artworks depicting lotus flowers as a fresh breeze to cool off this hot summer.

[Exhibited work] Lacquer, textile, wood carved Buddha statue, large hemp fabric by Kondaya Genbei, Photography by Takashi Tomooka and more.