Suikei Saito

Calligraphy Exhibition -Thinking of 'Kukai'-

October 30, 2014 - November 15, 2014

Kukai (Kobo Daishi) is the founder of Shingon Sect of Buddhism.
This year will be 1200th anniversary of founding of Shikoku sacred places.
A calligrapher Suikei Saito is challenging 'Sho' (means calligraphy) based on Kukai's Fushinjo on this memorial year. We hope you can reconsider history of Japan from aspects of thought and religion through this exhibition.

"My struggle has started when I was fascinated and astonished by the world of calligraphy, which is the "art of lines", and its depth, and when I made up my mind to master it. Kukai's sublime and grand world strikes my heart. I devote myself entirely to calligraphy everyday to be nearly as good as him." - Suikei Saito


1988 Studied under Syunkei Yahagi
1990 Won her first prize in the 42nd Mainichi Shodo Exhibition
1991 Won her first prize in the 39th Dokuritsu Sho Exhibition
2002/2003 Received an excellent prize at the 50th and 51st Dokuritsu Sho Exhibition
2005 Received a Parliament Building Vice-President Award at Vienna New Century
Court Art Festival (held at the Imperial Palace at Innsbruck, Austria)
2006 Received a gold prize at Today's Japanese Art Exhibition (held at Monaco
Festival in 2006)
2010 Received an excellent prize at the 62nd Mainichi Shodo Exhibition

Present: An associate member of the Mainichi Shodo Association
An associate member of the Dokuritsu Shojindan Foundation
An instructor at Shiragiku-kai, Kioi Art Gallery, The Space "MAI"

Lecture by Makio Takemura* at Ginza Ippodo Gallery on Thursday October 30, 6-7 pm

*President of Toyo University
Buddhism and Philosopher of Religious Philosophy