Kohei Nakamura

Exhibition of 50 Tea bowls

January 30, 2015 - February 07, 2015

Ceramic artist Kohei Nakamura, whose father is the third master of tea bowls of Kanazawa Baizan Nakamura, and whose brother is Kinpei Nakamura, has been making utsushi (translated as "reproductions or copies with subtle nuances") of Koetsu Honami and Chojiro for 40 years. In these past several years however, he has started to create his own Raku tea bowls.

Nakamura's tea bowls, which all possess unquestionable dynamism, and each one a unique form, come freely out of his imagination. It is as though he is discovering new ways to create his works, which quietly shine in the spotlight. Among his many accolades, Nakamura has received high praise from Seizo Hayashiya, a master of tea ceremony. He refers to Nakamura's refined works as "Ido tea bowls of the Heisei period".

For this current exhibition, the focus is to highlight Ido/Oido tea bowls. However, we will also introduce Nakamura's new works, such as those in the Kofuki style and his Kurobe style black tea bowls.

Kohei Nakamura

1948 Born in Kanazawa, the third son of Baizan Nakamura.
1973 Graduated from the sculpture department of Tama University of Art.
1979 Selected as the 1st domestic fellow by Japan's Agency for Cultural Affairs
1989 Award - Grand-Prix, Yagi-Kazuo Prize Exhibition
1990 Asahi Contemporary Crafts Exhibition (Umeda Hankyu Department Store, Osaka; Yurakucho Hankyu, Tokyo)
1993 Began representation by Garth Clark Galley in New York
1996 The Suntory Museum Grand Prize Exhibition'96 (Suntory Museum of
Art, Tokyo)
1997 Contemporary Ceramic Art (The Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York)
2006- Solo exhibitions at Ginza Ippodo Gallery
2012 Art Crafting Towards the Future (21st Century Museum of
Contemporary Art, Kanazawa)
Solo exhibition at Nomura Art Museum, Kyoto
2013 Contemporary Master Tea Bowl Exhibition (Musee Tomo, Tokyo)
Solo exhibition at Ginza Ippodo Gallery

Public Collections
The Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York
National Museum of Modern Art, Tokyo.
National Museum of Modern Art, Kyoto