Nobuyuki Okumura

Nobuyuki Okumura Bronze Sculpture Exhibition

February 06, 2015 - February 21, 2015

Nobuyuki Okumura repurposes an ancient cave in Bracciano, the suburb of Rome, and uses it as his studio.
He is persistent in his focus on 'figurative form' even though abstraction is the mainstream in the world of contemporary sculpture. He continues making sculptures through the Italian lost-wax casting method of the Roman/Greek period -successors to carry on this artistic tradition are few and far between, even in Italy.
A key characteristic of his sculptures lies in the beautiful surface created after casting and during the finishing process. The surface is treated to look as if coated with powder. With great respect for the tradition of his craft, and under the mentorship of Emilio Greco, a master sculptor, he produces work that radiates a certain warmth of humanity. Many artists look up to Okumura and study under him, witnessing the pure craftsmanship in his production.

In October 2003, Okumura produced a bronze bust of Pope John Paul II in commemoration of the 25th anniversary of his pontificate - to the Pope's great fancy. Even after his death, the bust was displayed at the Vatican Library alongside a sculpture by Bernini. Okumura and the bust he created garnered widespread interest (this story will be featured on a TV program called 'Sekai Fushigi Hakken' broadcast by TBS on February 7, 2015).
In this exhibition, approximately 30 sculptures will be shown including the bronze bust of Pope John Paul II, statues of the Greek gods, and Buddha.
We sincerely hope that you enjoy the world-renowned Okumura's bronze sculptures.

1953 Born in Tokyo
1972 Graduated from Tokyo Metropolitan Hibiya High School
1974-80 Repeatedly accepted for Kokuten Exhibition
1975 Enrolled in Sculpture department of Academy of Fine Arts in Rome
Studied under Emilio Greco
1977 Graduated from Department of Arts, Sculpture Course of Tokyo Gakugei University
1985 Left for Italy and became an assistant to sculptor Milton Hebald
1988 Won a prize in the 2nd Rodin Grand Prize Exhibition at Hakone Open-Air Museum
1990 Became a pupil at Emilio Greco's studio
1992 Solo exhibition at Studio NM in Rome
1993 Permanent exhibition at L'IPPOCASTANO Gallery in Rome
1994 Solo exhibition in Tokyo
1995 Solo exhibition at Mitsukoshi Gallery in Osaka
1996 Solo exhibition at Foreign Correspondents' Club of Japan
His relief, '12 Ecliptical constellations', was donated to the Seiryo Hall in Hibiya
Designed and established the bronze fountain, 'Wood sprite', at the Sasaki residence in Mita City
Received a message of endorsement and praise from the Italian Vice President
1997 Solo exhibitions at Nihonbashi Mitsukoshi, Chiba Mitsukoshi, and Kobe Mitsukoshi
Installed the monument, 'The Centaur and a girl', at Senzoku Gakuen College
Produced a small relief for the 50th anniversary of foundation of Seiryo-kai
1998 Solo exhibition at Mitsukoshi Gallery in Osaka
Installed the relief, 'Hisyou suru uma ni matagaru Diana', at Otsuma Nakano High School
Installed a portrait of the Duke of Paul Borghese in Artena, Italy
His relief, 'Amazon', was donated at the 120th anniversary ceremony of Tokyo Metropolitan Hibiya High School
Installed a statue of Lobstein for the Sovereign Military Order of Malta in Rome
Produced statues of Lady Pamela and her daughter Lala at Palazzo Borghese, Rome
1999 Installed a statue of Andrew Bertie, a leader of the Sovereign Military Order of Malta in Rome
Produced a memorial medal for Alan Campbell Johnson in London
Solo exhibition at Ginza Ippodo Gallery
Nominated for Food and Agriculture Organization's auction and sold works in Cairo
2001 Okumura Sculpture Exhibition formally joined "Italia in Giappone 2001" Exhibition
Solo exhibitions at Nihonbashi Mitsukoshi, Osaka Mitsukoshi, and Ginza Ippodo Gallery
Produced a statue of Eitaka Tsuboi, President of Japan Medical Association, in Tokyo
2003 Produced and presented a bronze bust of Pope John Paul II