Yoshihiko Yoshida

Father&Son Ceramics Exhibition

July 17, 2015 - July 25, 2015

Yoshihiko Yoshida was born in Utsunomiya-city, Tochigi Prefecture in 1936, and since 1956, has devoted himself to ceramic making under the mentorship of Toyozo Arakawa for 13 years.
Like Toyozo Arakawa’s pieces, Yoshida’s works do not stress a style of exaggerated unconventionality. Rather, they are forms that encourage a sense of warmth.
While using the traditions of Shino and Setoguro styles as a base, Yoshida has been creating a unique artistic world of his own, exploring new forms of expression through his work.
Yoshida’s tranquil and calming ceramic works garner high praise overseas; his pieces are owned - amongst others - by Victoria & Albert Museum in London and Dallas Museum of Art in Texas.
Ginza Ippodo Gallery will hold a father (Yoshihiko Yoshida) and son (ceramist, Mahito Yoshida) collaborative exhibition.

Yoshihiko Yoshida’s Biography
1936 Born in Utsunomiya-city, Tochigi Prefecture
1956 Started training in ceramic making under the mentorship of Toyozo Arakawa
1969 Built first own kiln
1988 Displayed his work at Contemporary Japanese Ceramics Exhibition at Portland Art Museum in the US.
1992 Displayed his work at Japanese Art Craft “Ima (the present time)” 100 selection (NHK Sponsorship, Paris and Japan tour)
1995 Displayed his work at Japanese Studio Craft Exhibition at Victoria & Albert Museum
2007 Two artists exhibition with Baudouin in Vannes, France
2008 Held several lectures and workshops at Asian Art Museum of San Francisco and Portland Art Museum, amongst others.
2011 Held a solo exhibition, lectures, and workshops in the US.
2014 “Ceramic Artist : Yoshihiko Yoshida Exhibition” at Setagaya Art Museum, Tokyo

Public Collections:
The National Museum of Modern Art, Tokyo / Victoria & Albert Museum / Dallas Museum of Art / Coca-Cola Museum in Atlanta / Tochigi Prefectural Museum of Fine Arts / Setagaya Art Museum / Guimet Museum in Paris / Others

Mahito Yoshida’s Biography
1972 Born in Gifu Prefecture (His grandfather is print-maker, Sumio Kawakami)
1988 Started making ceramics under his father Yoshihiko Yoshida
2000 First entry for Chu-bu Kokuten and received the Encouragement Prize
2001 First entry for Kokuten and received the Encouragement Prize
Held first solo exhibition at Tobu Utsunomiya Department Store
2002 Received the 40th Anniversary Chu-bu Kokugaten Award
2009 Received Fellow Member Recommendation and the Rookie Award at Kokugakai
2011 Received Associate Member Recommendation at Kokugakai
2012 Displayed his work at MINO CERAMICS NOW 2012 at Museum of Modern Ceramic Art, Gifu