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Blue and White Sake Cup
Tsubusa Kato
[Ceramic + Porcelain ]
Item Number:C3984
4 x H1 3/4 in
10.2 x H4.6 cm
About the Artist

Born in 1962, Gifu Japan.

"The crest of a wave or the tip of a roaring flame: it is these fleeting forms that I try to capture in a moment in time."
- Tsubusa Kato

Biographic Work Summary
Graduated with a Bachelor of Fine Arts at Tajimi City Pottery Design and Technical Centre Gifu, Gifu, Japan.

While much of Kato's work takes on a dynamic and undefinable from, it also expresses images of instability and force. The glaze and clay are not restricted to a defined form, but change with each viewing. It is as if the materials in Kato's pieces move; and we can see that he caught just the right moment of a sharp image to freeze it in time.
These pieces, made almost entirely of glaze, represent a new direction for Kato. Traditionally, the ceramic ware is made of clay, and the glaze is applied with decorative purpose. Even if the glaze has a flat thickness, it is only superficial. Kato is motivated by a desire to express the true form of glaze as a material. Works formed from blue and white glazed ceramic clumps create a mysterious effect, giving the piece a gem-like quality.