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Noshitake bamboo flower vase 'Angu ( Temporary Palace )'
Hafu Matsmoto
Item Number:C16750
About the Artist
1952 Born in Haneda, Tokyo
1972 Studied under bamboo artist, Shokansai Iizuka
1976 Opened a studio in Sunacho, Koto Ward, Tokyo and began producing bamboo crafts
1988 Moved to his present studio in Tateyama City, Chiba Prefecture
1995 April: Two Man Exhibition at the Ando Gallery, Shinjuku, Tokyo
July to August: Group exhibition of bamboo art at Felissimo, New York
1996 June: Workshops in New York, San Francisco and Hawaii
2000 April: Solo exhibition at the Tomiura Biwa Club
2001 April: Solo exhibition at the Daimaru Department Store, Tokyo
August: Decorating Bamboo Exhibition at the at the Exhibition Space Ecru + HM, Ginza, Tokyo
2002 June: Exhibition of bags and accessories at the Galerie Malle, Shibuya, Tokyo
2003 April: Solo exhibition at Hashimaya, Kurashiki, Okayama Prefecture
June: Solo exhibition and NHK broadcast from the Gagetsu-an Tea Room, Shiroyama Park, Tateyama, Chiba Prefecture
2004 May: Two man exhibition at Ippodo Gallery, Ginza, Tokyo
September: Solo exhibition at Kamigata Ginza Gallery, Osaka
November: Awarded the "Cotsen Bamboo Prize" semi grand prix, exhibited at Asian Art Museum, San Francisco
2005 June: Two man exhibition at Ippodo Gallery, Ginza, Tokyo

Bamboo Exposed: Mastery in Modernity of Hafu Matsumoto - Exploring the lineage of Take-Kôgei bamboo from Rokansai and Shokansai from Shoko Aono on Vimeo.