Japanese Kogei: by Five Ippodo Artists

Kôgei art springs from detailed technique and genuine internal soul. In honor of our artists’ participation in the Japanese Kôgei Future Forward exhibition at the Museum of Arts and Design, Ippodo will be presenting the newest works by our five exhibiting artists: Shinya Yamamura, Toshio Ohi, Kohei Nakamura, Harumi Noguchi, and Yuki Hayama.
The word “Kôgei” is most often translated to English as “crafts,” but the unique sense of Japanese artistry and spirituality in craftsmanship does not translate. The shape, line, and texture of the Kôgei work in tandem with the object’s utilitarian purpose, thus setting the art form apart as immaculate.

In this case, the Ippodo artists exemplify personalized and regional diversity, using the longstanding tradition as a means of contemporary expression.