Tsuki Wo Koso
Ippodo Gallery, 2018
Art Book N/A pages
Publisher: Ippodo Gallery

A beautifully printed art book featuring glass artist Laura de Santillana and 10th generation  Kondaya, Obi sash maker, Genbey Yamaguchi. This book was published coinciding with the 2018 Exhibition celebrating the 280th anniversary of Kondaya craftsmanship. 

the book is an art piece in itself. Made with the finest sourced washi paper and using high resolution art images, it is almost as if you are looking at these pieces in person. Laura de Santillana's glass sculptures jump from the page and act as if they have weight in the space in front of you. The book features a multi - paneled fold out page that exquisitely presents both Laura's tablet series as well as Kondaya's detailed silk textiles.