The Garden of Dreams

Porcelain Stories by Yuki Hayama
Yukiy Hayama, 2020
Book 99 pages

"My creation process always starts with imagining a story. The themes for my stories often have origins in history books or world literature, but sometimes it is simply some beautiful scenery, an image that crossed my sight, or a piece of music that stirs my imagination."  - Yuki Hayam 


Detailed artist book by Yuki Hayama exhibiting his pieces from the 2020 exhibition.

High quality printed paper, the book is a marvel of indigo and white, as if one flattened one of his intricate ceramic works. 


From Myth to History, and Then the Future -Yuki Hayama

Porcelain Stories | Garden of Dreams - Shoko Aono

Introduction - Yuki Hayama


Biography - Yuki Hayama

The Garden of Dreams: Porcelain Stories by Yuki Hayama
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