Wave movement of Soil

by Yukiya Izumita
Yukiya Izumita, 2022
booklet 60 pages
Publisher: Izumita
Dimensions: 7 x 10 inches

When I decide to express something through clay, I look for my answer in its roughness or fragility, its ephemerality, and its tension or lightness." – Yukiya Izumita


In honor of the exhibition at Ippodo Gallery (January 13 - February 17, 2022) Izumita has produced a catalog to accompany the works. The 25 ceramic works in the Yukiya Izumita exhibition are in perpetual tension. His inventive use of layered clay is as sophisticated as it is attuned to the earth, with the folds of mud suggestive of the toil they require. 


Each work reflects the interior and exterior journey that led to their creationIzumita relies on the salt-rich clay of the Iwate prefecture in the Tohuku region of Northeast Japan, known for its harsh weather. This coastal enclave is among the most severe in Japan, but because the artist lost his Rikuzentakatahome in the tsunami of 2011, he finds solace in the laborious processes required to produce each piece. Over and over, pound by pound, Izumita carries the sands from outside his windy Noda Village studio, allowing the catharsis of the arduous journey to give way to harmony and insight.

Wave movement of Soil: by Yukiya Izumita
$ 35.00