Even though I paint animalseven though I paint flowersI never forget human beings” –Daisuke Nakano

Nihonga style painterDaisuke Nakanouses an animated method of expression which makes his paintings look as if they would bleed when cut. He is precisevisionaryand patientonly producing a single painting a yearperfecting every line and capturing movementhe depicts a sense of time standing still.

Accurate down to the most minute detailNakanos paintings dominate regardless of size.

Daisuke Nakanos subject matter enabled him to explore a unique sense of space particular to that of Japanese fine arts. He also learned to appreciate traditional Japanese painting materials. Learning quickly from the world of Nihonga and drawing inspiration from using gold or silver leaf as a base – a method developed by Ito Jakuchu or the Rinpa Schoool- it wasnt long before he started creating his own method of painting through filling the entire space with detail.

Through depicting the overwhelming power of nature and the climax of lifehe expresses the changes of the natural world – its evanescence and sorrow – flowers in full bloom will eventually fall and return to the earth. This intoxication of paradox and life is found in the paintings of Daisuke Nakano.

1974 Born in KyotoJapan and graduated from Doda Bijutsu Kogei High School. At the young age of 19Daisuke exhibited his artwork at the group exhibition.

2019 Solo exhibition Burst of Nature (Ippodo Gallery New YorkUSAExhibition at Saga Arashiyama Museum of Arts and Culture (KyotoJapan)

Exbition A BRUSH WITH BEAUTY at Indianapolice Museum Newfields (USACollection: Luminous WindIndianapolice Museum Newfields (USA)