Keiji Ito, ceramicist and sculptor, is well known not only for his minimalist style but also for being an invaluable mentor and inspiration for younger generations or aspiring artists. Ito has won numerous awards for his artistic achievements and has exhibited in countless solo and group exhibitions.

He is presently a member of the International Association of Ceramics.

Selected Solo Exhibitions:
1983 Braustein Gallery, San Francisco, CA
1995 Museum of Contemporary Design and Applied Arts, Lausanne, Switzerland 1998 Keiji Ito Exhibition 1965-1998 at Gallery Momosuga, Tajimi, Japan
2003 Seto City Art Museum, Aichi, Japan
2009 Ippodo Gallery Tokyo
2012 Keiji Ito 11.3 Chinkon, Alte Meister, Fukushima, Japan

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1978 Japan Craft Competition Award, World Craft Congress 1979 Japan Craft Design Association Award
1981 39
th International Ceramics Exhibition, Faenza, Italy, Award 2006 Gifu Prefecture Award for Arts and Culture
2007 Enku Award, Enku Exhibition
2016 Golden Award from Japan Ceramics Society