Artist Spotlight:

Kan Kishino
February 23, 2021

Ippodo Gallery artist Kan Kishino resides in Iga, Mie prefecture with his family. Kan lives off and works with the earth on the land. He grows food in his garden and supports locally owned businesses. 



In his practice, making and using functional ware, Kan Kishino believes that the vessels that he produces represent a portion of his heart. As he shares his work, he gives a piece of himself to another. He also believes that through ceramics, his work can connect with people and become a tool for communication. 



Kan Kishino's visual language consists primarily of producing Shigaraki-ware. 

A main characteristic of Shigaraki-ware is the sandy orange quality of the clay. Originally, Shigaraki-ware was made from local clay from Lake Biwa, this clay, once fired, is extremely durable. 



The oxidation firing allows pockets of iron to be used in the coloring process, the Anagama kiln faciliates this firing processes perfectly. 

Depending on the placement of the piece in the kiln, the coat of natural ash and minerals will vary. 



Kan Kishino's Shigaraki wares are covered with a layer of yellow-brown and peach colored red glaze. Ocassionally his wares have a thin coat of bluish-green glaze. 



With Kishino's Tea Bowls, the glazes pool, drip, and gather in ways that are almost invisible. In most lighting, these unique qualities only show through when held and turned in the palm of the hand. 



Kan Kishino's philosophy of art is also his philosophy of life. His pure appreciation for the world, nature, humanity and life is refected through his person. As he makes his work, he thnks of the hows in his life.

How can I make this form?

How can I engage with my community?

and how can I be a parent? 

As he brings his Shigaraki-ware to the kiln, he hopes that this process of work can bring him some answers. 

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