The Essence of Imperfection: Wabi Sabi at Ippodo Gallery

Wabi Sabi

Shoko Aono

The call of the evening cicada that signals the approach of autumn, a lonely plain of eulalia grass, a moss-covered rock, a simple teahouse…

The Japanese philosophy of wabi and sabi derives from a close affinity with nature and an abiding love for the changes created by the passage of time.  

Beauty does not necessarily mean perfection. 

It can be distorted or unsteady, leaving the room for people’s mind to tap into.

Things that perish, that look lonely and sad, quietly decaying. 

It may seem the antithesis of magnificence, but it is a true repletion, a plenitude.

What we present here is wabi & sabi, the truth of the paradoxical beauty treasured by Japanese people.