Magic of the Tea Bowl : A Survey of 11 Contemporary Ippodo Gallery Artists

NEW YORK, NY – Ippodo Gallery is pleased to present ‘Magic of the Tea Bowl’, a group exhibition surveying over 100 tea bowls made by 11 artists, ranging from emerging to established ceramic artists. These artists take the traditional, highly regarded form of the tea bowl and reconstruct it with their own fresh contemporary style. These pieces, made by artists of different backgrounds – from self-taught ceramicists to sons of master potters, the range of work and visual identity is vast. The tea bowl is one of the most valuable, highly respected forms of art in Asian culture. Since the 16th century, the Japanese have used the tea bowl in traditional tea ceremony and as a result, it has become an object held at high esteem.

Ippodo Gallery New York, throughout the years, have witnessed the attention that tea bowls receive. They have the capacity to capture hearts and become a mediator between the artist and viewer – the bowls can be touched, appreciated and experienced through human interaction – through the 5 senses. As tea bowls are used, whether in the traditional sense of the tea ceremony or for casual everyday tea, the viewer establishes a connection, a day-to-day narrative and ritual with the object. The tea bowl no longer stands alone as a work of fine art made by a singular artist but a collaboration between the artist and viewer. This is an intimate relationship.

Each tea bowl in the exhibition has their own unique characteristics true to the artist’s own visual language. From undulating lips and decorative glazing to altered forms and unique material, each tea bowl contains their own narrative, their own singular universe.

Ippodo Gallery hopes to share the universe of the tea bowl with you.