Design Miami 2022: Extreme Surfaces: Cutting Edge Kogei

Design Miami Convention Center Drive & 19th Street Miami Beach, USA, 30 November - 4 December 2022 
Booth no. G36

Ippodo Gallery is honored to present an extensive exhibition of contemporary Japanese kogei (art and craft) at Design Miami 2022. Extreme Surfaces includes works by twenty-one artists from November 30th until December 4th in Miami Beach, FL. Ippodo Gallery represents living Japanese artists who produce objects using myriad materials: metal, glass, wood, lacquer, porcelain, clay, and textile. Ippodo Gallery’s premiere at Design Miami, Extreme Surfaces is an exhibition of contemporary innovations in Japanese kogei art. To highlight the unique relationship between artwork and space that characterizes kogei, Shigeru Uchida’s Ji-an (“portable hermitage”) Teahouse—made from bamboo and Hinoki wood—is an invitation to experience Japanese sensibility.  


Extreme Surfaces is a juxtaposition of three distinct object types: the surfaces of form-active works—represented by Kodai Ujiie, Kota Arinaga, and Yukiya Izumita—are fabricated from mosaic shapes that disrupt an otherwise smooth exterior. Surface-active works—Terumasa Ikeda and Koji Hatakeyama—are distinguished by an expressive decoration of the external layer, and vector-active works—notably Shigeru Uchida—are engineered with linear and regular shapes that join seamlessly.