A trailblazer among a family of traditionalists, Koichiro Isezaki (b. 1974) preserves his renowned father’s Bizen techniques while simultaneously reimagining the ceramic with atypical forms. Early in his career, Isezaki apprenticed with American sculptor Jeff Shapiro. Since his return to Japan, Isezaki established his kiln in Onadacho in Gifu prefecture. He has exhibited extensively, including at the National Museum of Modern Art Crafts Gallery, Mitsubishi’s retail store, and the Paramita Museum, where he won the Ceramic Art Grand Prize in 2011.



1974  Born in Bizen

1996  BA, Sculpture Program, Tokyo Zokei University

1998 - 2000  Apprenticeship to Jeff Shapiro

2010 Eight works exhibited at "About the Tea Ceremony - A Viewpoint on Contemporary Kogei" Exhibition held at the Crafts Gallery, National Museum of Modern Art, Tokyo

2010  Art gallery in Mitsukoshi Department Store.

2011  Panelist at "A Study of Contemporary Ceramics for the Tea Ceremony" Symposium. Selected to the Paramita Museum Ceramic Art Grand Prize Exhibition

2011  Encouragement Award, Okayama Prefecture Development of Emerging Artists Program

2013  City Hall of Faenza, Italy with workshop

2014  Goldmark Gallery, Uppingham, England

2016  Art Gallery in Mitsukoshi Department Store