Having carried out an exhaustive study of decorative patterns from around the world, Yuki Hayama (b. 1961) imbues each porcelain with an entire world. Introducing characters from ancient legends and myths, Hayama questions the meaning of each type of pattern, causing the viewers to reconsider space and life, and inviting them to revisit the distant past. The message he transmits through his works is one of gratitude and amazement for the accomplishments of humanity and nature. 


Public Collection:

Spiral Garden in Omotesando, Tokyo 

Design Museum in Helsinki, Finland

 Design Museum Arabia, Helsinki, Finland

21st Century Museum of Contemporary Art in Kanazawa, Ichikawa Prefecture
Museum of Arts and Design, New York

Published Works:
"The World Miniature Painting : Flowers of One Thousand Years, the Yuki Hayama Collection" (2002)
"The Melody of Poetic Imagination: the Yuki Hayama Collection" (2005, Shin Nippon Kyoiku Tosho).
“A Girl Who Turned Into A Fish”  (2008)