Momoo Omura turned to glasswork after working in metal casting and forging. She had long been interested in glass, and her skills in creating molds for metal casting proved applicable to the pate de verre (paste of glass) glasswork technique that she adopted. In pate de verre, the artist prepares glass pastes of different colors and arranges them in a pattern in a mold for firing in a kiln. Omuro evinces a dual preoccupation with form and line in her pate de verre creations. That emphasis, along with her refined sense of color, results in a striking fusion of traditional and contemporary, of oriental and occidental. Omuro deploys that fusion exclusively in vessels of one kind or another - perhaps reflecting the beauty-in-utility aesthetic permeating Japanese crafts. Each work is a unique piece; they continue as a living object through exhibition via their interaction with natural materials of light and space, manipulating their glass structure. Omura continues to hold solo exhibitions in Japan.


1969 Born in Tokyo, Japan. 
1993 Graduated from Musashino Art University, Department of Industrial Design, Department of Metalwork. 
Worked at a traditional metalwork workshop. 
Later switched to glass (pâte de verre) and exhibited mainly at solo exhibitions.
Solo Exhibitions
2013 Dee's hall
         Yogan Rail Obihiro
2014 Isetan Shinjuku
         Lisson Kyoto
         Gallery MITATE
         Dee's hall
2015 Pragmata Gallery 
         Isetan Shinjuku 
         Taichung Linya Shop (Taiwan)
2016 Dee's hall 
         Yamahon Kyoto
2017 Gallery nichinichi 
          Yakumo Saryo 
          Midtown Fukumitsuya
2018 Dee's hall 
         Gallery Sara
         Butik for Borddaekning (Denmark) 
         Yamahon Kyoto
2019 Pragmata Gallery 
         Gallery nichinichi 
Group Exhibition
2016 Ornament Exhibition, Glasmuseet Ebeltoft Denmark
  • Momoo Omuro, Pate de Verre Bowl, 2017
    Momoo Omuro
    Pate de Verre Bowl, 2017
  • Momoo Omuro, Port de Verre Bowl (black), 2017
    Momoo Omuro
    Port de Verre Bowl (black), 2017