Studio Visit: Yasushi Fujihira

Magic of the Tea Bowl Volume III
June 21, 2023
Studio Visit: Yasushi Fujihira

Interpretting the glazing techniques of his father Shin, the ceramicist Yasushi Fujihira has undertaken to continue the family pottery tradition—and he has found his exceeding talent as a chawan maker.


Fujihira kindly reflected on his tea bowl making practice, detailing the ideas and experiences that have lead him to the career success he enjoys today. Visit Ippodo Gallery now to feel the syrupy sensation of Fujihira's cinnebar glazed tea bowl and the smooth coolness of his gilded chawan


Yasushi FujihiraTea Bowl, (C22326NP)


The ceramic artist's tools.


Yasushi Fujihira trained under his father Shin, who was a legendary master of the whimsical cinnabar glaze. Yasushi has discovered, in addition to his own skills with cinnabar, a contemporary style of unconventional form coated by metallic glazes of varying reflectivity and shimmering chroma. His luxurious stonewares are sculptural artworks, transcending the role of the tea bowl as a utensil.


Question 1

Do you practice tea in daily life? Please share your chanoyu routine, or a beloved memory of chanoyu.



 I casually enjoy drinking matcha, much like how I enjoy coffee. I keep this comfortable distance from Sado and remain the perspective of an ordinary enthusiast rather than actively engaging as a tea practitioner.


Yasushi Fujihira's studio.
Yasushi Fujihira serving tea in his bowl.



Please describe the influences that inspire your work.



 Inspiration can be everything, especially from the positive emotions around us. Personally, I find limited inspiration from negative feelings such as hate and dislike.


Yasushi Fujihira, Detail of Tea Bowl(C22327NP)



Please describe the qualities do you most treasure in a tea bowl—be that shape, color, texture, or history, style, and type of clay? 



While creating chawan, the sense of touch is the most important element to me. Following that, I pay close attention to texture, gravity, and a balanced form. Additionally, design plays a significant role in my artistic focus.


Yasushi FujihiraTea Bowl(C22322NP)



Please share with us how you prepare to make a new piece; how do you decide on the materials and direction for the idea?



The first step is to be grounded and mindful, although it can be quite challenging. Other than that, I believe that artists can create anything with their hands and materials.


Yasushi FujihiraTea BowlC22325NP


Featuring over 100 chawan, Magic of the Tea Bowl vol. III on view at Ippodo Gallery NY until July 13 is your opportunity to witness the reflective and chromatic glazes of Yasushi Fujihira! Come hold his tea bowls in your hands so you can experience for yourself the poignance of his artistry.c


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