Studio Visit: Jun Isezaki

Magic of the Tea Bowl Volume III
June 27, 2023
Studio Visit: Jun Isezaki

The Living National Treasure of Bizen—one of Japan's six great historical kilns—Jun Isezaki shared wisdom about his technique and inspirations. 


Jun IsezakiBizen Black Tea Bowl - 備前黒茶盌, (C19708)


Question 1

Do you practice tea in daily life? Please share your chanoyu routine, or a beloved memory of chanoyu.



I do not learn the tea ceremony daily, though I often attend tea ceremonies whenever I get invited. The tea ceremony offers a chance for the master and guests to form an emotional bond in a special setting.


From the Isezaki studio.



Please describe the influences that inspire your work.



 I receive inspiration from the things that surround me, such as "nature," "climate," "environment," and "history." 


From the grounds of Jun Isezaki's studio.



Please describe the qualities do you most treasure in a tea bowl—be that shape, color, texture, or history, style, and type of clay? 



While it's challenging to pick just one element. If I had to choose, I would say that I invest the most effort in soil, shape, and color.


 From the grounds of the Isezaki family plot.



Please share with us how you prepare to make a new piece; how do you decide on the materials and direction for the idea?



 I first prepare soil since Bizen pottery is known for Yakishime, which fires at high temperatures without glaze. 

Jun IsezakiBizen Tea Bowl - 備前茶盌, (C19710)


Visit Magic of the Tea Bowl (vol. III) at Ippodo Gallery New York, 32 E 67th Street, 3rd floor. The exhibition will continue through the end of July. 

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