Studio Visit: Yukiya Izumita

Magic of the Tea Bowl Volume III
July 4, 2023
Studio Visit: Yukiya Izumita

A leading virtuouso ceramicist from the northeast region of Japan's main island, Izumita's wide breadth of work includes both his gravity-defying spectacle sculptures as well as the more traditional chawan form. Rather than seeing the refined parameters of the tea bowl as a constraint, the artist introduces texture, color, and formal abstraction in new modes previously uncharted in his larger works.  


Yukiya IzumitaSekisoh Tea Bowl - 積層盌  (C25963)


Yukiya Izumita evokes the harsh and powerful seaside environment of northeast Iwate by layering laminated ceramic waves. Working with local iron-enriched clay and driftwood brought in by the tides, Izumita’s ceramics appear brittle and coarse yet are warm to the touch.


Question 1

Do you practice tea in daily life? Please share your chanoyu routine, or a beloved memory of chanoyu.



To me, Sado is about inviting and welcoming visitors to share landscapes and blessings of nature. I usually enjoy making matcha casually.


Yukiya Izumita's studio in Iwate prefecture. 


Yukiya IzumitaSekisoh Tea Bowl - 積層盌,  (C25962)



Please describe the influences that inspire your work.



Continuing with the previous answer, I get inspiration from seasonal landscapes and the vitality of wildlife.


Yukiya IzumitaLayer Tea Bowl - 層盌,  (C26058)


Yukiya Izumita work in progress.



Please describe the qualities do you most treasure in a tea bowl—be that shape, color, texture, or history, style, and type of clay? 



 I focus on the shapes and textures. My chawan surfaces should reveal layers of time, and their forms invite the audience to experience a sense of spaciousness beyond the actual size of the tea bowl.


Yukiya Izumita's materials.


Yukiya IzumitaSekisoh Tea Bowl - 積層盌,  (C22930)



Please share with us how you prepare to make a new piece; how do you decide on the materials and direction for the idea?



I prepare by envisioning the ideal image of the work in my mind, which fuels my desire to create it.


From Ippodo Gallery's 2019 solo exhibition featuring Yukiya Izumita


Appearing like beautiful formations of earth and sea, only in-person can you fully comprehend the purifying atmosphere created by Izumita's ceramics. Visit Magic of the Tea Bowl (vol. III) at Ippodo Gallery New York to experience the subtle drama of Izumita's masterpieces. 


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