Laura de Santillana, "A Few Thoughts" (2014)

A Look Back at the Glass Artist's Impression of Japan
May 28, 2024
Laura de Santillana, "A Few Thoughts" (2014)

In 2014, Laura de Santillana exhibited her signature glass artworks with Ippodo Gallery in Tokyo, Japan.

At that time she recorded her internal world in words, titled "A Few Thoughts." 




"I remember when I first came to Japan. The long trip, and landing in Osaka.

From the plane descending, the clouds caught by the dark trees covering the hills.

Black trees white mist."


"Stepping down from the taxi in Kyoto, entering the little house.
Recognizing things I already knew.
Recognizing that the frame of my soul fitted very well in that context.
Bicycling around Kyoto and visiting the temples, peace in my body and soul." 


"Veiling shading blurring.

Shaded reality, as through a paper shield.


Esthetic dignity of reality in all its smallest aspects,

pure and rarefied;

mathematical and philosophical at the same time,

but most of all, essential, harmonious.

The sublime synthesis is a gift of fate, and it is the harmony that has to exist, it is the work of art that is in every small detail and the care that is used in every act..."


"Smell, touch, taste, hear, see.

All five senses...

The beauty and the pleasure...

A third space, edge of the interior as well as edge of exterior space that implies both spatial and temporal interval is the space between two spaces."



"Sacred space can be created...
The importance of this notion, corresponding to my search around the inner space that forms when the walls of glass meet and encapsule a space/time
This space is a pause..."


"We are moving in spaces between all the physical objects

Between emptiness...

there is a gap of empty space..."





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