Capturing Patience

The Philosophy of Nature in Takashi Tomo-oka's Photography
July 16, 2020
Capturing Patience


Photographer Takashi Tomo-oka instills a philosophy of appreciating nature's beauty as-is into his art practice. 


His artistic process doesn't begin at the photograph but at the subject matter.



Tomo-oka nutures the plants from their seedlings and watches their growth; waiting for the optimal moment for photography. 



Receiving only the freshest quality and variety of plants, Tomo-oka's garden can be traced back to flower markets all over Japan. 



Takashi Tomo-oka's compositionally minila yet directionally strong pieces easily create an atmosphere of serenity.



From prints, framed works, to scrolls, his flowers introduce nature with a sense of elegance and soft movement into their space.



All of Takashi Tomo-oka's pieces are available to purchase as either prints, framed pieces, or scrolls. We hope his delicate photographs bring a feeling of lightness into your lives and inspire you to appreciate the subtleties of nature. 


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