The Rebirth of Wood

A Look Inside Sho Kishino's Studio
September 15, 2020
The Rebirth of Wood


Sho Kishino's studio, slowly becoming consumed by a green landscape of vines, branches, and leaves, contains a quiet, contemplative atmosphere - one similar to that present in his work. 

Underneath the shady alcove, Kishino stores his materials. His reclaimed resources range from driftwood, pine, cypress, oak, to stone and metal.


He sources these materials from various locaions such as shrines, temples, and rivers. 




Kishino refines the wood. Instead of erasing and polishing the texture of the wood, rendering it unrecognizable to its original form, he embraces the wood for its nature, developing his visual language with a consideration of the material's natural qualities. 




Kishino points out the details and intricacies of his craft. As if found spontaneously, Kishino's sculptures feel natural, as if they were discovered alongside the trunk of a tree or floating through a stream of a river. Whimsical and charming, the artist's gentle and genuine personality bleeds into his work. 







You can almost feel the warmth in the aur, transitioning into colder weather. The scent of the pine fills the room, the sweet, yet sharp, fragrance awakens and creates a sense of life among the works. 


Kishino brings a new life to the material through his sculpture.

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