A Gentle Tea Bowl

The Art of Tomoyuki Hoshino
February 16, 2021
A Gentle Tea Bowl

Tomoyuki Hoshino's kind, gentle, and altruistic personality shows through the work that he makes.

Hoshino's studio, filled with light and stacks of tea bowls, is clean beyond belief!



Working with colored porcelain, the process of making is meticulus and anticipates lots of patience and practice. Tomoyuki Hoshino uses ceramics as a tool to connect and help disabled persons. By opening his studio to the handicapped community and welcoming them to work and learn about ceramics in the space he facilitates a kind of art therapy, encouraging the use of the human senses to make pottery: sight, touch, and hearing. 



Encouraging this kind of connection with the clay, Hoshino helps build a new generation of artists and makers while challenging the prejudices towards the disabled community. Through care for his community and a deducation to making art, Hoshino has become known as a generous and welcoming spirit in his community. Hoshino's Pink Series represents the rawness of vulnerability, the pink of new birth, vulnerable and soft. 



This vulnerability then presented in the form of a teabowl titled "Strawberry Milk" speaks to the innocence and gentle character of the artist. Hoshino's forms, created by hollowing out a solid form, allows him to control each cut and incision while touching and physically connecting with the raw, plastic clay.



The decisive cuts, lines and even thickness of the form is all controlled by the artist's hand. Because of this technique, each piece made by Tomoyuki Hoshino displays their own unique and unpredictable characteristics. 


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