Candied Surfaces

Tea Bowls by Tomoyuki Hoshino
June 2, 2021
Candied Surfaces

A new member of Ippodo Gallery New York’s collection, Tomoyuki Hoshino’s colored stoneware and soft porcelain capture our hearts and breathe a fresh life into the gallery space. These select pieces are available on our online store for this week only and they provide a sneak peek to our upcoming exhibition this June. 



Sugar Glazed Tea Bowl, H3 1/2 x W4 1/8 x D4 1/8 in, H9 x W10.6 x D10.6 cm


Tomoyuki Hoshino’s Tea Bowls exhibit a refreshing uniqueness in our gallery collection. His pink colored stoneware tea bowls reflect his interest in material and composition. The roughness of the stoneware surface that has been manipulated contrasts with the translucent white glaze that is applied generously to the surface of the form. The result is a tea bowl that expresses care and happiness, a reflection of the artist’s personality and altruism.



Sugar Glazed Tea Bowl H4 x W4 5/8 x D4 5/8 in H10 x W11.7 x D11.7 cm

Hoshino’s Sugar Glazed Tea Bowl has a unique form that feels spontaneous yet geometric. The forms were created through faceting along the edges. The sharp faces mark areas where the clay has been carved and the stiff grog embedded in the surface of the clay create texture contrasting with the smoothness of the glaze. 



Benihari Tea Bowl,  H3 3/4 x W4 3/4 x D4 3/4 in, H9.6 x W12.2 x D12.2 cm


This Benihari Tea Bowl by Hoshino uses mishima to create soft, revealing surface textures. The pink stoneware of the piece is coated with an opaque, off-white overglaze, shiny throughout the form. Then, the glaze is wiped away and the true textured surface is revealed. The glaze acts like a blanket of mist, washing over the ridges of the peak of a mountain. 



Sugar Glazed Tea BowlH3 1/4 x W4 5/8 x D4 5/8 in, H8.2 x W11.8 x D11.8 cm



Hoshino uses thick glaze application to create this luxurious, frosting-like tea bowl. The form of the bowl, unassuming and stout, does not register as ceramic. The delightful colors of baby pink under creamy white make us imagine the piece as more than an object, more than a solid, something that transcends matter that could melt to our palm, flow through our fingers and remain in its current form. 



Benihari Porcelain Tea Bowl, H2 3/4 x W5 3/4 x D5 1/2 in, H7 x W14.5 x D14 cm (C22738)

This porcelain tea bowl by Hoshino teases us with its subtle speckled pink that gently spreads along the surface of the form’s face. The thin porcelain lip of the bowl contrasts with the thick and generous qualities of the Sugar Glazed Tea Bowls in Hoshino’s collection. It’s soft silhouette is elegant and mastered. The glaze is thin and transparent, highlighting the soft pigments of pink and plum and allows the light to catch along the ridges of the surace on the body of the bowl. 



Two Toned Tea Container H3 1/8 x W3 1/2 x D3 1/2 in, H8 x W9 x D9 cm (C22786)

This lidded form from Hoshino’s collection is incredibly satisfying visually and to the physical touch. While the proportion of the lid to the body is not 1:1, the subtle difference between their size adds to its whimsicality. Like candy drops, the colors are enticing. The combination of these two colors however, appear vibrant apart. When placed on top of each other, the grey and pink harmonize and create an atmosphere without calamity, the colors absorb into the form. The matt surface allows the colors to breathe, giving life to the simplicity among the form and to the solid, almost flat surface.

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