Risshun Tea Ceremony: 立春茶会

8 February 2023 

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Feburary 8, 3 PM-4:30 PM


It is our pleasure to announce that Ippodo Gallery is pleased to invite Yoshitsugu Nagano to conduct a lecture and tea ceremony, with a selection of tea ceremony wares from Ippodo Gallery suitable for the Risshun season.


According to the Lunar Calendar, risshun is considered the beginning of the year and the first day of spring. In Japan and China, the year is divided into 24 seasons with risshun marking both the first season and the turning of the calendar page. This year, the risshun season is the two-week period from February 3 to 18. In both Japan and New York, though it is still cold, we can feel the arrival of spring little by little. Plum blossoms start to bloom, the bitter chill subsides, and evergreen pines are gradually replaced with fresh bulbs.Ippodo Gallery New York is proud to host tea master Yoshitsugu Nagano who will lecture on the use of ceremonial utensils, featuring a selection of tea ware from the gallery’s collection that are suitable for the coming of spring.The tea ceremony is a traditional Japanese art form that fosters appreciation for the subtleties of nature by harmonizing ceremonial utensils with the changing seasons. This lecture will include a slide presentation on how tea masters select and combine utensils for the tea ceremony and how best to enjoy them.You will experience for yourself the harmonious feeling by interacting with works of art from a variety of living artists, including tea bowls and drinking powdered green tea.

We look forward to your participation!