Dallas Museum of Art acquires Ken Matsubara's 'Sun & Moon'


Ken Matsubara's byobu screen is acquired by the Dallas Museum of Art for their permenant collections. Sun & Moon, from Matsubara's Kūkai's View series, joins the museum from Ippodo Gallery's Asia Week 2024 exhibition back in March. 


Matsubara's scene is made from unique materials: hand-collected soil, bengara iron-oxide, wood glue, mica, white-gold and gold leaf, and natural sealants. 

As the sun and moon meet, the scene is illuminatd by radiating beams of light and concentric circles that harken to the ringing sounds of the Buddhist temples where he frequents. The Kūkai's View is an extension of Matsubara's commission for Jingo-ji Temple in Kyoto, where the famed monk rested after meditating in Mikurodo Cave.


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June 19, 2024