Massimo Micheluzzi

A view into his studio

Murrine is cross-sections of multi-patterned glass canes, then laid out on a plate, fused into a sheet in a furnace, and blown into a vessel. While Massimo continues to create infinite designs, the process is no less thorough and challenging to execute.


These detailed photos of Massimo's handcraft give one an insight into how title glassmaking is. His thumbs are cracked, and his fingers are all calloused. The dry, rough skin tells a story of how harsh the exposure of the furnace is. That being said, his years of exposure to the heat have not stopped him from creating such masterpieces.


Take a look at how many people it takes to hold, twist, and cut the works. It's an entire team of solid folks who must work together like a dance. As one steps, the other leans over; they all balance and carry the weight of the glass together.


We are delighted to be able to present these captured moments of Massimo's life in the studio.