Masaaki Miyasako I Studio Visit

Living Dreams - 錯然
October 26, 2023

Ippodo Gallery presents legendary painter Masaaki Miyasako for his premier solo exhibition in the United States from October 26 to November 22, 2023.  He returns to his signature Nihonga painting medium after leading Tokyo University’s special projects division for a half-decade.


Miyasako's unique approach to line—almost verging on pointillism—draws on traditional Japanese techniques of portraying shadows and space to a profound effect. Moreover, Miyasako deploys sheets of washi paper and silk to create a voluminous surface and exaggerate the extraordinary brush strokes. 


As the Professor Emeritus of Painting at Tokyo University of the Arts, Masaaki Miyasako was appointed by Japan's Agency of Cultural Affairs to lead art specialists in the reproduction of global heritage that was otherwise thought to be unrecoverable. Their success, 'The Clone Cultural Properties' project, restored irreplaceable treasures and created perfect replicas of some of the world's greatest works of art.