Laura de Santillana: Echoes of Her Gaze

Laura de Santillana: Echoes of Her Gaze at Ippodo Gallery NY (2024)
May 21, 2024
A vision of Laura de Santillana’s legendary glass returns to New York City from her studio in historic Murano for a collaborative exhibition between Ippodo Gallery and the de Santillana Estate. Works spanning her later career are curated to reflect her love of Japan: the neon electricity of Tokyo juxtaposed with the subdued refinement of traditional Kyoto. A closer look at the collection reveals the intricacies of glass and color achieved across the entire breadth of her artworks.

The glass tablets are envelopes in which the light lives and refracts; there is the surface work, a skin. This light that is incorporated in the object becomes the body of the object. Light is not outside, it’s inside, a liquid frame between the inside and the outside.”

—   Laura de Santillana


Laura de Santillana (Born in Venice, 1955-2019) studied classics and architecture before moving to New York City, where she worked with the Vignelli Associates studio whilst attending the School of Visual Arts. De Santillana went on to design art books and began designing objects and lamps for the family business, Venini, alongside her father Ludovi- co. Founded with her father and brother, de Santillana served as art director of EOS until 1993. Following a commission to design a kaiseki range in glass, Laura began a long work- ing relationship with Japan, notably alongside lacquer master Suzuki Mutsumi. From 1999 until her death in 2019, de San- tillana committed herself to innovating glass techniques; it is during this period that she created many of her iconic works, including her signature standing glass series.