Design Miami 2023: Forms and Formations

Design Miami Convention Center Drive & 19th Street Miami Beach, USA, 5 - 12 December 2023 
Booth no. G36

Booth G35


Ippodo Gallery presents Forms and Formations, featuring great names in contemporary Japanese fine art at Design Miami 2023 from December 5 to December 12, 2023 in Miami Beach, FL. At this moment, it seems the world lives in a state of uncertainty. Everywhere, people face threats new and old, those which they can control and those which are beyond the scope of a single person. As countries become more globalized and communication happens increasingly online, art is impacted by changes in how people gather information in a digital society. 

Adhering to our mission of presenting the works of living Japanese artists, Ippodo Gallery continues to believe in the power and importance of human handiwork—a modern source of unique beauty—as a physical object, rather than information.

An object has a form.
Forms change, and so they should. Ippodo Gallery aims to highlight the plurality of objects as formations. In an age that demands transformation—it seems the attention span is always seeking new stimulation—we exhibit works based on the themes of change, lightness, and the plurality of formations.


Discover the many contemporary Japanese artists whose work triangulates our lives on this shared planet in the language of forms and formations.