Susumu Shingu (1937) creates sculptures that move by the power of wind. Although originally trained as a painter, Shingu became interested in sculpture when he saw one of his shaped canvases turning softly in the wind. The work that followed relied on natural forces to make movement and sound, and he began using more sophisticated materials for outdoor works.  His work walks the fine line between complementing nature and existing as a natural integration. The pieces, though large, colorful, and usually made of modern materials, adopt nature's rhythms in their movement.




1937  Born in Osaka, Japan.

1960  Graduated from Tokyo University of Arts with a major in oil painting.    Awarded scholarship by Italian government to study in Rome.

1960-62 Studied oil painting at Accademia di Belle Arti di Roma.

1966   First showing of three-dimensional sculptures at Galleria Blu, Milan.    Returned to Japan.     

1967  Solo show, "Wind Structures," Shoho Gallery, Osaka and Hibiya Park,         Tokyo. Ube Open-Air Art Museum prize at 2nd Contemporary       Japanese Sculpture Show.            

1971-72         Visiting Artist, Carpenter Center for the Visual Arts, Harvard University,        Cambridge, Massachusetts. 

1979   4th Isoya Yoshida Prize. Prizes from National Museum of Art, Osaka, and Hyogo Prefectural Museum of Modern Art at 8th Contemporary    Japanese Sculpture Show.

1984   Solo show, "Breathing Sculptures," Hyogo Prefectural Museum of       Modern Art.

1986  Yokohama Biennale '86 Sculpture Exhibition grand prize and 18th       Japan Grand Prix of Art.

1987   Traveling outdoor exhibition, "Windcircus," exhibited in: Bremen,         Germany, Barcelona, Spain, Florence, Italy, and Lahti, Finland.

1988  Invited to International Open-Air Sculpture Symposium to create a      sculpture at Olympic Park in Seoul, South Korea.

         "Windcircus" exhibited in five cities in the United States.

1991   Solo show, "Aria Acqua Luce," Loggia della Mercanzia, Genoa, Italy.

1994  Outdoor spectacle, "Kippis and His Friends," Aono Dam Park, Sanda. 1997   Spectacle show, "Cat's Cradle of the Stars," Saitama Arts Theater. 1998    Created a sculpture for "Issey Miyake Paris Collection 1999       spring-summer."

1999   Exhibited in "Champs de la Sculpture 2000" on Champs Elysées        Avenue in Paris.  

2000   Traveling outdoor exhibition, "Wind Caravan," in the rice paddies in     Sanda, Hyogo, Japan and on an uninhabited Island in Auckland, New       Zealand.

2001   "Wind Caravan" in Inari, Finland, Tamdaght, Morocco, Undur Dov,       Mongolia and Cumbuco, Ceará, Brazil. Solo show at Maison Hermès

         in Tokyo and at Glasgow School of Art in Scotland.

2002   The special prize of the 43rd Mainichi Art Award. The Medal with          Purple Ribbon.


2003   The grand prize at the 20th Exhibition of Contemporary Japanese       Sculpture Show. 

2005   Created a sculpture for Jirí Kylián's dance program, "Toss of a Dice," with Nederlands Dans Theater I.

2006   Solo show, "Sculptures du respir," Galerie Jeanne-Bucher, Paris.

2007  The 4th Enku Grand Award.

2009   Solo show, “Planet of Wind and Water,” Galerie Jaeger Bucher, Paris.

2010   The Order of the Rising Sun, Gold Rays with Rosette.

2011   Open-air exhibit and workshops, “Atelier in the Rice Paddies,” Sanda,         Japan. Solo show, “Little Planet,” T’s Gallery and Yamaki Art Gallery,         Osaka, Japan. Solo show of original drawings for picture books,          Cultural Center of Suita.

2012   The project, “Genki Caravan Yuriage,” in Yuriage, Natori to send         encouraging messages to the people in the stricken area in Miyagi    Prefecture. Solo show, “Beyond Time,” at Galerie Jaeger Bucher,        Paris. Exhibit of floating sculptures in the basin of the Tuileries Garden in Paris as one of the outdoor exhibits of FIAC. Documentary          film, Breathing Earth – Susumu Shingu’s Dream, completed and         screened in Germany.

2013   Solo show, “Little Cosmos,” Tanimatsuya Toda Gallery and Yamaki Art         Gallery, Osaka, Japan.

2014       The Hyogo Prefecture Award for Contribution to the Enhanced Perception of Hyogo. Solo show, “Susumu Shingu – Playing on the Earth,” at Kobe City Koiso Memorial Museum of Art in Kobe. “Susumu Shingu WIND MUSEUM” opened in Arimafuji Park, Sanda, Hyogo.

2015       The open-air performances of “Noh of the Wind” and “Jazz of the Wind” in Susumu Shingu WIND MUSEUM.

2016       The open-air performances of “Strawberry Express” and “Jazz of the Wind Vol. 2.” in Susumu Shingu WIND MUSEUM. Solo show, “Susumu Shingu - Spaceship” at Nagasaki Prefectural Art Museum and Yokosuka Museum of Art. The 70th Kobe Shimbun Cultural Award and the Kobe City Cultural Award.

2017       Solo show, “Susumu Shingu - Spaceship” at Hyogo Prefectural Museum of Art. The open-air performances of “Noh of the Wind II” and “Jazz of the Wind Vol. 3” in Susumu Shingu WIND MUSEUM.

2018       Solo show, “Cosmos – Susumu Shingu,” Galerie Jeanne Bucher Jaeger, Paris. Solo show, “Susumu Shingu – SPACESHIP,” the National Contemporary Art Museum MUDAM in Luxembourg. The open-air performances of “Jazz of the Wind Vol. 4” and “Concert of the Wind” in Susumu Shingu WIND MUSEUM.

2019       The open-air performance of “Noh of the Wind III” in Susumu Shingu WIND MUSEUM. Solo show, “Susumu Shingu, une utopie d’aujourd’hui” at Château de Chambord, France.

2021   The workshop ‘Genki-nobori’ at the recreation zone of Arimafuji Park. 2022   The open-air performance of “Noh of the Wind IV” in Susumu Shingu

         WIND MUSEUM. Solo Show, “Susumu Shingu: Sculpting with Wind”

at Ippodo Gallery in Ginza, Tokyo from October 14th to 23rd, 2022 and Ippodo Gallery - New York from October 20th to December 29th, 2022.




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