Takeshi Imaizumi (b. 1978), though originally a student of Political Science and Economics, discovered his true passion in the wonders of ceramic and celadon. Paying close attention to the traditional masterpieces of the Song Dynasty in China, Imaizumi’s work develops optical illusions in tenmoku and celadon that create a sense of depth and voluminous form. His experiments with new glaze formulations and firing techniques are responsible for the layered patterning that define his pristine tea bowls. 


Awards and Collection

Asahi Ceramic Art Exhibition (2002, 2003, 2004)

Taiwan Ceramics Biennale, Taiwan

Grand Prize, Katsura-no-miya Award, Japan Ceramic Art Exhibition, sponsored by Mainichi Newspaper

Bronze Prize, Korea World Ceramic Biennale, Korea

Faenza International Ceramic Art Exhibition

Modern Craft and the Tea Ceremony II, The National Museum of Modern Art, Tokyo