Jihei Murase (1957) is the third-generation woodcraft and lacquer master with the Jihei
name. He performs every stage of production himself; selecting the wood, turning the
bases on the wheel, and applying the natural urushi lacquer. Murase continues the family’s
close relationship, dating as early as the Edo Period (1603-1868), with the tea tradition
through research into ceremonial utensils, and a unique Negoro-style that is ideally suited
to the twenty-first century.
Murase’s practice emphasizes the preservation of Japan’s fleeting virgin forests. His works
make use of wood types with a fine grain, such as Chestnut, Zelkova, Cypress, Cherry, and
Yakusugi Cedar.

1957 Born in Tokyo as the grandson of the first generation Jihei who was a
craftsman working with the wooden base and lacquer coating under the direction
and patronage of Kitaoji Rosanjin.
1975 Graduated from Tokyo Metropolitan High School of Museum & the Fine Arts
1980 Graduated from the Sculpture Department of Tokyo Zokei University
Joined the long-standing family lacquerware wooden base and coating business
Received instruction in the Way of Tea from Ikeda Sokan of Hibian, a Master of
the Urasenke School of Tea
1991 Father-Son Exhibition at Saga Kitcho, Kyoto
1993 Held a Father-Son Exhibition at the Art Department of Mitsukoshi Department
Store in Nihonbashi, followed by Exhibition in Fukuoka and other cities.
2001 Inherited the name Jihei III and position of 7th generation lacquerware
base maker
2009 Produced the furnace rims for the Myokian and Taian
2010 Exhibition of Perspectives on Contemporary Crafts: Tea Ceremony, The National
Museum of Modern Art Crafts (Tokyo, Japan)
Exhibited at Art Fair Collect, London
2015 Exhibited at Modern Crafts and the Tea Ceremony, The National Museum of
Modern Art, Tokyo
2016 Solo Exhibition, Lacquer Forms: Modern Negoro at Ippodo Gallery New York
Solo Exhibition at Ippodo Gallery Tokyo
Exhibition at Modern Kogei and the Tea Ceremony II, The National Museum of
Modern Art Crafts (Tokyo, Japan)
2017 Exhibited at Swiss Art Basel
Participated in the Tea Ceremony at the 100th Anniversary Exhibition of the

Japanese Gallery Tea Room, Philadelphia Museum of Art, Philadelphia
Seated at the Nezu Museum special even Tea Ceremony for Contemporary Tea
Masters as a craft artist
2019 NEW LOOK OF TEA Exhibition at the Embassy of Japan in the United Kingdom
Lecture at JAPAN House
2020 Lacquer Work Exhibition at Waco, Ginza, Tokyo
2021 Modern Crafts and Tea Ceremony Utensils: Seasonal Shitsure, National Crafts
Gallery, Ishikawa, Japan – Commemorative Exhibition for the relocation to

Victoria & Albert Museum (London, United Kingdom)
Philadelphia Museum of Art (Philadelphia, PA)
Yale University Art Gallery, Asian Art Collection (New Haven, CT)
The National Museum of Modern Art (Tokyo, Japan)