Born in Aichi Prefecture in 1969, Koichi Uchida graduated from Aichi Prefectural Seto Pottery Senior High School with a major in ceramics. Working in many pottery-making regions of the world after high school, Koichi Uchida’s travel experiences ended up informing his work as a ceramicist. By observing multiple methods of pottery-making, he ended up receiving not only an artistic but cultural education as well. His exposure to different forms allows his works to take on varying styles, shapes and textures, from bronze tea ware to white porcelain plates and jars. In 1992, Uchida established an independent studio in Yokkaichi, Mie Prefecture, and in 2015, Uchida opened the BANKO Archive Design Museum, a private museum dedicated to the promotion of Banko ware. He has won international and domestic acclaim by being known for his wide variety of works, solid techniques, and inquiring mind with respect to traditional works of art. He is one of the creators who truly represent modern Japan and is a noted art collector.