Koji Hatakeyama (b. 1956) is a celebrated metalsmith renowned for his bronze sculptures set ablaze with chemical reactions that dance across the multitudes of faces. Hatakeyama’s works are exhibited extensively in public collections at the Victoria & Albert in London, the Philadelphia Museum of Art, Oxford’s Ashmolean Museum, the collection of the Danish Royal Family, the National Museum of Modern Art in Tokyo, and numerous other prominent institutions. The masterful engineering of the bronze vessels has won Hatakeyama the Sano-Rennaisance Metal Art Casting Grand Prize and the Takashimaya Art Prize. 


Bronze, a material with memories of thousand of years;

With my hands I awaken 

The being that hides within. 

Seeking a contemporary role

I imbue it with 

A spirit both solemn and noble, 

Diffused with the presence of nature

– Koji Hatakeyama


Awards and Collections

Takashimaya Art Prize by the Takashimaya Foundation

Grand Prize at the Sano-Renaissance

Tokyo Museum of Contemporary Art, Tokyo Craft Hall 

Philadelphia Museum of Art, USA

Nancy City Museum of Art, France

21st Century Museum of Contemporary Art, Kanazawa, Ishikawa Prefecture

Victoria and Albert Museum of Art in London, England

Aberdeen Art Gallery and Museum (Aberdeen, UK)

Danish Royal Family (Copenhagen, Denmark)

Ashmolean Museum (Oxford, UK)
National Museum of Modern Art (Tokyo, Japan)

The Japan Foundation (Tokyo, Japan)
Takaoka City Museum (Takaoka, Japan)
Kikuchi Kanjitsu Momorial Musee Tomo (Tokyo, Japan)

Rakusuitei Museum (Toyama, Japan)
MOA Museum (Atami, Japan)

  • Koji Hatakeyama, Eight Faces, 2021
    Koji Hatakeyama
    Eight Faces, 2021
  • Koji Hatakeyama, 平水指
    Koji Hatakeyama
  • Koji Hatakeyama, 蓋置
    Koji Hatakeyama
  • Koji Hatakeyama, Copper Furo
    Koji Hatakeyama
    Copper Furo
  • Koji Hatakeyama, Eight Faces
    Koji Hatakeyama
    Eight Faces