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  • Japanese Lacquer

    An Overview
    by Milly Cai
    Japanese Lacquer
  • Stoneware and Colorants

    On Iron Oxide
    by Milly Cai
    Stoneware and Colorants

    A deeper look into the techniques and materials of Ippodo Gallery's ceramic artists. 

    This week we feature specifically red iron oxide and its effects on the clay body and glaze.

  • Black Glazes

    Tenmoku, Raku, and Oribe
    by Milly Cai
    Black Glazes

    Looking through Ippodo Gallery’s tea bowl collection, we have a variety of different glazing techniques, textures, styles, and forms across all the different ceramic artists. 


  • Shino Glaze

    An introduction to the Shino glaze technique
    by Milly Cai
    Shino Glaze
  • About Glass

    A Short Introduction to Glassblowing Technique
    by Milly Cai
    About Glass

    Ippodo Gallery's weekly journal feature introduces Glassblowing. Coinciding with Laura de Santillana's exhibition, Through Her Eyes: In Memory of Laura de Santillana. 

    A short and concise view on the techniques of glassblowing, this journal discusses Free-blowing and Mold-blowing techniques. 

  • Intricate Painting:

    A Brief Look into the Technique of China Painting
    by Milly Cai
    Intricate Painting:

    China painting was first developed in China during the 7th-8th century. The main types of China painting include underglaze and overglaze. This Journal goes into detail about the two types of China painting, paired with examples from Ippodo Gallery's artists.

  • The Rebirth of Wood

    A Look Inside Sho Kishino's Studio
    by Milly Cai
    The Rebirth of Wood

    Sho Kishino invites us into his studio.

    A look into the space of inspiration for a sculptor, we are offered a different lens in which to understand the production of his work. The humility, resourcefulness, and care for his pieces and practice are all reflected through his studio space.

    It is through this careful documentation that the viewer can see the tidy and meticulious personality of Kishino; one that is reflected in precise and organic carving. 

  • Capturing Patience

    The Philosophy of Nature in Takashi Tomo-oka's Photography
    by Milly Cai
    Capturing Patience
  • by Milly Cai
    Natural Glazes of Yui Tsujimura

    ippodo gallery presents new pieces by yui tsujimura

  • About the Series

    Koichiro Isezaki
    by Milly Cai
    About the Series

    Ippodo Gallery’s spring artist Koichiro Isezaki's series of provocative, sculptural, yet minimal, vessels and forms.